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Monthly Archives: September 2023

How often do you have a headache that is considered "abnormal"?

How often do you have a headache that is considered “abnormal”?

Everyone has had a headache at some point. Headaches can occur anywhere, anytime, in any situation. since stressed Not getting enough rest, hot weather, fever, etc., all genders and all ages can have headaches. Because headaches are just a symptom, not a disease, people overlook that after taking medicine it’s over.

3 risky behaviors "Stomach perforation"

3 risky behaviors “Stomach perforation”

Many people may have had a gastrointestinal disease such as gastritis. But when talking about a perforated stomach, We may wonder if it has something to do with gastritis. or allowing gastritis for a long time Will it increase the risk of gastric perforation or not? How dangerous is a perforated

How to use "pain relievers" and "muscle relaxants" correctly?

How to use “pain relievers” and “muscle relaxants” correctly?

Nowadays, painkillers and muscle relaxants are frequently taken. Whether you are sick, have a headache, have a toothache, or have a wound, you must take painkillers. By that painkiller It has become a common household medicine. Without a house, it would be impossible. Must always have it at home. As for