Video of Onien kissing Sorensen during game goes viral

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Sunderland midfielder Luke Onien kissed Norwich City midfielder Jacob Sorensen on the lips during last night’s Championship game.

  Luke Onien kissed Jacob Sorensen on the lips after the pair clashed on the pitch during the game. Sunderland beat Norwich City last night. Abdullah Ba scored the only goal of the game as his Black Cats secured victory at Carrow Road. The French midfielder fired from long range to give his UFABET team the lead and eventually collected all three points.

Video of Onien kissing Sorensen during game goes viral

         However, the person who completely stole the scene For this game, it’s Onion, the English star of Sunderland. He pushed his opponent back so hard that Sorensen almost lurched into a billboard. Before Oneien could grab him by the waist tightly. The Danish star turned around and showed dissatisfaction. The English footballer responded with a kiss on the other’s lips. The event caused Sorensen to react even more furiously by strangling Onien with his hand before another player came forward and separated the pair.

 After the game, Onien , normally a midfielder, admitted he enjoyed making his debut at left-back alongside Danny Batth. He told Sky Sports : “Yes, I love it. It makes my job easy. So much better when he’s next to me, even though I’m also playing centre-half. It’s important that we recover from last week when we lost 5-1. There were a lot of injuries from there. And it’s a good way to respond.”

         He added of Ba saying, “He’s amazing. We couldn’t get close to him in training. You end up kicking him. So he works very hard for that. “ Eduard in midfield as well. Those people worked really hard.” “They came here. they don’t know the language They are learning very quickly. And they are adapting to the team. So fair play for both of them.

         Meanwhile, Tony Mowbray, manager of Sunderland He was also impressed by Ba’s goals in a difficult season for the Frenchman. “It was a great goal. And he was a lovely kid,” he said at his post-game press conference. “We have a lot of young French players here and they’re still learning. I have to tell them they’ll get a chance. But that might take six or seven months for them to be ready. To be able to play in this league ′ ′ He’s a really talented kid. He had to learn to move the ball and run without the ball. Because he can get frustrated when he dribbles and loses the ball. “ We laughed because I told him I thought he would score today.”