Witness Pulisic+McKenny’s cold-blooded celebration

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Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie celebrated with a bloody celebration during last night’s CONCACAF Nations League game between the United States and Mexico.

          Christian Pulisic scores two goals for USA Last night’s 3-0 win over Mexico in the CONCACAF Nations League. The star is expected to leave Chelsea this ufabet https://ufabet999.com summer after his fourth season. In a difficult situation at Stamford Bridge. Goals were scored in the 37th and 46th minutes as the United States went into this weekend’s final.

Witness Pulisic+McKenny's cold-blooded celebration

Ricardo Pepi was also the scorer during the match. Where four red cards (two each), Serginho Dest and Weston McKennie were shown direct red cards by the referee. Ivan Barton , who also sacked Mexico’s Cesar Montes and Gerardo Arteaga. Barton also stopped the match in the 90th minute after shouts of homophobic chants came from the crowd.

         There was 12 minutes of stoppage time in the 90th minute but only eight minutes played. “I’m sorry, the game didn’t have to turn out like this,” Pulisic told reporters after the match, according to the Daily Mail . Don’t expect this to happen anymore. Now we are missing two good players for the final.

 for Pulisic The winger celebrated one of the coldest goals we rarely see after scoring his second. by him and mckennie. The pair celebrated the goal with a game of rock-paper-scissors. It ended with scissors (representing the number two, or ‘Dos’) and hammer (representing zero, or ‘Cero’). The two players then showed the result to the Mexican fans.

          The reason it’s said in Spanish for ‘two’ and ‘zero’ is because ‘Dos a Cero’ (2-0) means a lot to US and Mexico supporters. It is reported that US football fans. The scoreline has been used to shout at Mexican supporters since at least the 2002 World Cup. The Eagles face Canada in the CONCACAF Nations League final on Sunday, June 18. The game will be played at Allegiant Stadium, Nevada, USA, with Canada reaching the final with a 2-0 victory over Panama.