7 ways to keep your nails beautiful Especially for girls who love painting their nails.

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Having beautiful nails is a charm for us women , even though the nails are only a small part. But have you noticed. If we paint beautiful nails? Bright colors will make the skin of your hands more noticeable. The skin of the hands looks white, healthy and even more attractive.

7 ways to keep your nails beautiful Especially for girls who love painting their nails.

But sometimes painting your nails comes with various problems, such as possibly damaging your nails. Yellow or brittle nails that break easily follow. And going to a nail salon sometimes easily brings fungus to the nails. Today we will introduce how to take care of girls’ nails. People who love painting their nails, including girls who frequently go to nail salons. What should I do to prevent my nails from being damaged? Let’s see.

7 ways to keep your nails beautiful Especially for girls who love painting their nails.

1. Before applying nail polish every time, you should always apply clear nail polish first. Because it prevents the nails from losing moisture. It also reduces direct contact with nail polish. Otherwise, it may cause your nails to turn yellow more easily. After painting the nails, apply clear liquid again to maintain the nail color’s longevity.

2. Avoid nail polish products that contain acetone because it will strip moisture from your nails. Resulting in dry, brittle nails.

3. Rest your nails by painting your nails less. Additionally, you should avoid painting your nails because they may contain chemicals that can damage the nail texture. But if girls really want to do it, they should choose nail polish color. The kind that has quality and can help preserve the nails is very good.

4. Girls, you should know that we paint our nails more often than 1 times per week It makes us have to wash our nails more often. And that is, biting the surface of the nails causes the nails to corrode. It can become pitted and flaky.

5. You shouldn’t paint your nails too often. You should find some time to rest your nails. Because in addition to restoring the condition of the nails It gives the nails a chance to breathe. It also allows you to notice any abnormalities. It could be happening to your nails.

6. In case you want to get nail extensions or decorate your nails beautifully. in a variety of formats It should be done by an expert with expertise. And you should choose to use clean, quality manicure equipment. To prevent allergic reactions or reduce the accumulation of germs.

7. If girls like to extend their nails and decorate their nails with beautiful nail accessories. You should also keep an eye on your nails for dark spots. Has the color of your nails changed or is the appearance of your nails abnormal?

8. You should avoid getting your nails done at a beauty ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app salon too often. Because the technician at the shop usually cuts the nose and nails. Causes damage to the cuticles and is also easily inflamed. Also infected