The best way to eat tomatoes with their different nutritional values.

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Tomatoes are vegetables that are known to have good nutritional value for good health. Japanese people love it and eat it every day. Many people think that eating tomatoes provides the highest nutritional value for the body. It is cooked so that the body receives lycopene, which is an antioxidant that helps prevent diseases caused by daily living. But actually, there are other ways to eat tomatoes. Good for health to receive different nutrients as well. Let’s know how to eat tomatoes to get the nutritional value. that are beneficial to the body from Japanese people

The best way to eat tomatoes with their different nutritional values.

Cooked with heat to get lycopene into the body.

Lycopene is a nutrient that is useful in preventing diseases caused by daily living, such as helping to reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure,ยูฟ่าเบท etc. However, eating raw tomatoes causes the body to absorb lycopene into the body. The body has little Cooking tomatoes and crushing them with a spoon or spatula will break down the cell walls of the tomatoes. And when eaten, the body will absorb lycopene well. Additionally, frying with oil increases the body’s absorption of lycopene by up to four times. However, you must be careful not to use excessive amounts of oil.

How to buy tomatoes to get vitamin C into the body

It’s not just lycopene. Tomatoes are still rich in vitamin C. which is an essential vitamin for healthy skin and bones Including helping to slow down aging. Eating raw tomatoes allows your body to fully receive vitamin C. and buying tomatoes that are delicious and high in vitamin C is to look at the bottom of a tomato If the white lobes are clearly visible, the tomatoes are sweeter and contain more vitamin C.

Soak in the freezer to get Escleoside A.
An important nutrient in tomatoes besides lycopene that has just been discovered in the past few years is Escleoside A. which is an important substance that protects blood vessels and helps prevent arteriosclerosis How to prepare tomatoes to absorb high levels of escleoside A into the body? Chop tomatoes into small pieces. and keep in the freezer And can be eaten raw or cooked.

Make a tomato smoothie to get GABA.

GABA is abundant in tomatoes. It plays an important role in reducing high blood pressure caused by stress and promoting sound sleep. Eating blended tomatoes with ice causes the body to absorb GABA 1.7 times higher than eating raw tomatoes. Adding ice reduces the flavor of the tomatoes, making them easier to drink.

Eat tomatoes with pickles to get glutamic acid.

Glutamic acid is one of the delicious umami ingredients found in tomatoes. Research has found that this amino acid helps protect the intestines. And a delicious way to eat tomatoes and help maintain good intestinal health is to eat tomatoes with fermented foods such as kimchi, yogurt and pickled vegetables, etc.

Tomatoes are beneficial to physical health and beauty. There are many ways to eat them to get different nutritional values. But in order not to lose any nutritional value. Eat both raw and cooked tomatoes according to the instructions above.