Hi-Lo online and Hi-Lo in the past, how are they different?

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  • instrument used to play hi-lo
    Although the main device used to predict the results will be 3 dice like the original. But the method of shaking is completely different. Offline folk dice will have a complete shaking device. Maybe it’s just putting a cup and a plate over it so you don’t see the dice. But online dice will be a transparent cover for players to see the dice inside. In order to see the transparency of the shaking itself.
  • The dealer or the dealer in the game of
    traditional Hi-Lo, the dealer will have an advantage over the players. With some rules, for example, getting a total of 11 will cause the player to lose a lot of money. Whether betting high or low, all lose, except bet 11 will return money at a very high rate, but for playing Hi-Lo online through the prettygaming website, no matter where you get or get 11 points, it will be counted as a high score. The player who chooses to bet high will win. And most importantly, having a dealer or a dealer will be a beautiful and sexy girl. That will be an eye candy to play with and enjoy as well
  • Variety of betting formats
    If you are a person who likes a variety of bets, online Hi-Lo gambling games are the answer to your needs. Because this UFABET game has a variety of betting styles. That means that players will have the opportunity to win bets and earn money easier than ever.
  • The rate of payment when the bet is correct
    When it was the original Hi-Lo game There will be a fixed form of earning money and much less than an online dice form. And has a high payout rate, bet 1 up to 180 ever