Is eating spicy foods, drinking alcohol, sodas a risk of “gastric perforation”?

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Stomach perforation This may sound like a scary symptom. But it can actually happen and cause a lot of suffering to the patient. But it can be easily prevented. From early on Just change your daily behavior for the better.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Raphas Pittayanon, internal medicine physician Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, said the stomach was perforated. It is caused by a hole in the stomach wall. Patients often have severe abdominal pain. and there is a risk of infection in the bloodstream which may cause the patient’s death.

Is eating spicy foods, drinking alcohol, sodas a risk of "gastric perforation"?

Stomach perforation

Dr. Ponphon Khaosombatwattana Lecturer in the Department of Gastroenterology Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, stated that if the stomach has perforated There may be symptoms that can be observed as follows ทางเข้า ufabet:

  • Severe abdominal pain in the epigastric region
  • The pain was almost unbearable. Until I had to come to the hospital immediately.

Symptoms are different from stomach pain, gastritis, and general food, where most people have a burning pain in the stomach that is tolerable. and may improve when taking medicine

Risk factors for gastric perforation

  1. Take painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, pot, and bolus continuously.

This is because the medicine may cause irritation to the stomach, causing ulcers and bleeding from the stomach ulcer. If the wound is deep, it can cause the stomach to perforate.

  1. is a patient who has had a stomach ulcer

If something causes stomach irritation There will be a greater chance of recurrence of stomach ulcers. until the stomach is perforated

  1. Have symptoms of Helicobacter pylori infection

It is usually caused by eating food or water that is contaminated with germs. cause inflammation and stomach ulcers

  1. is a patient with fast-growing gastric lymphoma

May cause stomach perforation. Especially during chemotherapy treatment.

  1. smoke regularly

regular smoking Increased risk of stomach ulcers Therefore, there is a greater chance of recurrence of stomach ulcers. until the stomach is perforated

Can spicy food, drinking alcohol, and soft drinks increase the risk of gastric perforation?

eating spicy food Drinking alcohol and soft drinks does not increase the risk of stomach perforation. and is not related to the occurrence of stomach ulcers.

But drinking alcohol on an empty stomach This causes alcohol to be quickly absorbed into the body. When the stomach has to absorb alcohol heavily It may cause the stomach’s defenses to fail. and risk of stomach inflammation But it does not directly affect the occurrence of stomach ulcers. or cause the stomach to perforate in any way

In the soft drink section There are acids and gases. Drinking it may make your stomach uncomfortable. and can induce symptoms of gastritis in people who already have this disease. But it does not increase the risk of stomach ulcers. or stomach perforation in any way

How to prevent stomach perforation

  1. Be careful when taking painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, potions, and bolus medicines. You should not take them continuously for too long. If the existing symptoms do not improve You should see a doctor to find a more direct treatment.
  2. Treat stomach ulcers better
  3. Choose food and fresh, clean drinking water
  4. Stop smoking